4Cr13 steel

Now three form of 4Cr13 steel are typically accessible in the steel products market, that happen to be Cr12 steel round bar, 42CrMo tool steel, and broadband Straight Web Piles.

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  1. agicovivi says:

    Cold work H-Beam Section Steell can be used in found in environments with lower operating temperatures, typically at operating temperatures reaching around 200C or less. 4CrNiMo cold work steels are characterized by high degrees of wear resistance. In addition they show good toughness properties depending on the intended application. U Profile Sheet Pile has five groups: water hardening type (W-1, W-2), oil hardening type (0-1, 0-6), medium alloy air hardening type (A-2, A-6, A-10, VERTEX), high carbon-high chromium type (D-2, D-7) and shock resisting type (S-5, S-7).

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